2022 - 2023


startup - france

One year of apprenticeship as a Product Owner. Refty is a startup based in Station F that creates a personalized event metaverse for companies. I had the opportunity to work initially on a reference tool. But following a pivot of the company.  I was getting to design a metaverse and all the platforms that surround it. 


Refty provides a virtual world of your own to engage your participants. 

I had the opportunity to work on the creation and integration of all the cards. I had the opportunity to work on the creation and integration of all the cards, including the creation of textures, the assembly of these textures and the production on the online site. 

To promote this new experience I also made videos on after effect to demonstrate the different uses.

(Software : Tiled, After effect)

Event platform

Platform to organize and manage your immersive virtual spaces to invite your audience and create extraordinary events.

Realization of the entire course. Event creation, space creation, team creation and profile management.

This platform is intended for users to organize events independently. 

(Software : Figma)


Refty website in order to promote their multiverse as well as the new platform of organization of events.

During the realization, I had the occasion to work on the design of the whole sections which it was necessary to rework as well as the sections which it was necessary to create since zero. I first designed these different sections and then I integrated them on Webflow.

(Software : Figma, Webflow)
Open website

Applicant Report

The applicant report is a report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of candidates. The advantage of this report is that it does not only highlight the hardskills but also the softskills.

During the realization of this report I had to do my best so that according to the data that we collect, the results are understandable and readable by all.

(Software : Figma)


Form sent to applicants and applicant's references to assist in recruitment.

Creation of visuals and reflection on the functioning of the questionnaires. 

The data collected by this questionnaire after being compared allows us to create a report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

(Software : Figma)


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